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BATCH (2020 - 2021)

a polylogue theatre show, bringing together diverse monologues from Aotearoa's solo theatre canon.

BATCH was an original devised theatre production, commissioned for the 2020 TAHI Festival of New Zealand Performance. The work weaved together a range of monologues from New Zealand solo theatre works, included pieces from 'Krishnan's Dairy' (Jacob Rajan & Justin Lewis) , 'End of the Golden Weather' (Bruce Mason), 'Verbatim' (Miranda Harcourt & William Brandt), and 'Queen' (Sam Brooks). The ten monologues were performed by four actors: James Ladanyi, Emma Katene, Tupe Lualua, & Ravikanth Gurunathan. The production was directed by Sally Richards and Kerryn Palmer.


"James Ladanyi sinks into his hoodie to embody Aaron, in Miranda Harcourt and William Brandt’s Verbatim, created in the early 1990s from transcripts of interviews with serious offenders in prison. Subtly nuanced in word and performance, it offers a salutary insight into how a damaged life take a life and so be sentenced to life."
~ Theatreview

"An opportunity for students to up-skill, to see themselves represented on the stage, to be inspired, to see theory in practice, to understand from an audience's perspective how a piece can be interpreted in a range of different ways, to see first hand how an actor can captivate an audience, connect with them, influence them, provoke them, the emotional experience is really important."
~ Teacher: 2021 BATCH Schools Tour

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