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Producing Background.

James has been establishing himself as an independent creative producer in Wellington since 2021, and is curerntly being supported by the Creative New Zealand Building Business Capability Fund, in order to continue developing his producing skillset.

James' particular area of expertise is producing small-medium sized theatre productions, and inter-disciplinary arts projects, that blend theatre and another artform, such as voice-acting, visual art, and literature. Works that push the boundaries of genre are of particular appeal.

James as also has significant experience producing in the podcasting space, having produced two independent podcasts 'PhD: Unpacked' & 'The Bros & Brews Podcast' since 2020. He is currently developing as a screen producer, with a foducs on short film & documentary.

As a producer, James' number one priority is always making sure that his creative team are appropriately remunerated for their work, and well looked after throughout the entire creative process. 

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Where the Water Lies (2023)

a solo theatre show, premiered for the 2023 New Zealand Fringe Festival.

Verbatim (2023)

a mainstage theatre production at Circa Theatre, as a part of the 2023 TAHI Festival of New Zealand Solo Performance.

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This Is Consent (2022)

an educational voice-acting project, created in collaboration with Wellington City Council

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Off The Page (2022)

a devised anthology-style theatre show, commissioned for the 2022 Featherston Booktown Festival.

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